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Stuffed burgers

You’ll need:

2 pounds 80/20 burger

3 tablespoons crushed peppers

3 tablespoons course ground pepper

3 tablespoons onion powder

5 splashes Worcestershire sauce

1 pack Mushrooms sliced

1 yellow onion sliced

4 jalapeños sliced

Pepper jack cheese

Mozzarella cheese

First mix seasoning into meat and mix well. Then make into thin patties about 1/2 inch thick. Place shredded pepper jack cheese on patty along with sliced jalapeños then fold Berger in half and close up burger. Do until all 6-8 burgers. In pan drizzle with olive oil add rosemary, sliced mushrooms and onions and sauté. Once browned sprinkle with garlic salt. Grill burgers on grill and then top with mozzarella cheese and melt. To serve top burger with onions and mushrooms. Top with your choice of condiments. Enjoy!

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