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Quick salmon with cous cous & roasted veggies

You’ll need:

Salmon fillet

Olive oil, salt/pepper, Brown sugar, Lemon, soy sauce, minced garlic. (Makes sauce for salmon)

Veggies I used: Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic, sweet peppers, carrots) to flavor fresh thyme, dried oregano and basil)

Two boxes herbed cous cous I picked up at Aldis.

First you will need to rinse salmon and dry. Place on pan lined with tin foil (this makes for easy clean up) salt and pepper the salmon and drizzle olive oil over top. Splash with soy sauce, lemon juice and sprinkle brown sugar about a tblsp and also minced garlic about two cloves. Put into a pre heated oven at 375 degrees. Bake for about 12 minutes and add more of seasonings. Bake 5-7 more minutes until salmon is cooked through to temp. Remove and set aside.

For veggies chop and place onto sheet pan sprinkle with salt/ pepper and olive oil. Place into oven on lower rack while cooking salmon. Once salmon is done move veggies to top middle rack and finish roasting until veggies are tender about 20 minutes total.

In saucepan follow directions and cook cous cous.

To plate place cous cous first then top with salmon serve with side of roasted veggies and garlic bread! Enjoy! ?

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