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Lobster Bisque

You will need two lobster tails cooked and chopped set aside. (All you do is drop de thawed lobster into boiling water until they are bright red and tail is curled)

In heated pan drizzle with olive oil until bottom of pan is covered.

Add 1 white onion finely chopped

2 finely chopped celery stalk

Sauté until tender add 4 springs fresh thyme

1/2 cup white wine and boil until half gone

Add 6 oz can tomato paste

Add 32 oz chicken stalk

One 14.5 can diced tomatoes

Add two cups heavy whipping cream and boil until creamy

Add in lobster

Add one tblsp corn starch for thickening (mix with a little chicken stalk or water and then add so it doesn’t lump up in soup)

Serve with crusty bread! ?

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