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Chicken caprese pasta

You’ll need:

4 chicken breast

20 cherry tomatoes (roughly)

6 cloves garlic

10 Fresh basil leaves

24 oz Mozzarella pearls

1 cup chicken broth

14.5oz dices can tomatoes

14 oz canned artichoke hearts

1 jar sun-dried tomato pesto 8.1oz

1 cup starchy broth (from boiled noodles)


Dried oregano and basil

Olive oil for drizzling pan

2-4 tbsp butter

First you will want to brown chicken in cast iron pan. Drizzle pan with olive oil and 2 tbsp butter and heat pan. Salt, pepper and season chicken with oregano and basil and place into pan. I cook at a medium high heat to get a nice crisp on chicken, cover and let cook until chicken is done clear through. Remove chicken and place aside. In chicken drippings add minced garlic and fresh tomatoes, cover and simmer until tomatoes are soft and smoosh (technical term right here) easily. Add can of tomatoes and artichokes then salt and pepper. Simmer a few minutes and then add in chopped fresh basil about 4-6 large leaves. Pour in 1 cup chicken broth and 1 cup starchy water left over from boiling noodles. (Boil noodles with salt water and olive oil) drain and set aside. Save another 1/4 cup starchy water to pour over noodles. In a serving dish place noodles and pour reserved water over and mix until noodles are loose. Then add in jar of tomato pesto. One pot of tomatoes has reduced a little about 10-15 on low boil pour mixture over noodles. Slice chicken and place on top and add a few more fresh basil leaves. Serve with crusty bread and a salad. Enjoy!

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