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Boy oh boy it’s hard putting yourself out there

I know this is unconventional. Especially in our small community. But here I go………

I’m asking for help with starting MY DREAM.

Here I am, asking for your help because this is MY DREAM, MY PASSION and MY GIFTS I want to be able to share with you and with our community. If you don’t ask, of course you don’t receive. RIGHT?

I have been in the planning stages for getting this business off the ground for well……little by little, over the last few years. But the last few months I have been actually taking the steps to buy a space to make my Dream a reality. (All in itself a huge learning process and time consuming, but fun!)

For all those that know me personally know that this is such a leap for me. For me to have enough faith in myself to go after something I love. This is such a big scary commitment that I can’t wait to jump into. That I have jumped into, and I am exhausting every avenue to make this DREAM, MY DREAM come true.

What’s my dream?

Well yes FOOD. Food is the form of which I pour out my love and my creativity. Food brings people together for so many special events and that is only the beginning of what food does. When choosing healthy yummy flavor packed food, it’s an experience. It’s not just a lunch that you scarf down. It’s something that with each bite you enjoy and you feel. You feel what it is going to do for your body. I know when I make healthy choices and fuel myself up, I have energy, I feel vibrant and want to go out and enjoy and live life. Live MY DREAM.

So here I am, wanting to bring YOU that experience. The experience of food, food not offered in our community.

Classes, cooking classes that you can come and bring friends and family and have an experience, learn how to make something new and spend time together. And to take that with you, into your home!

A Place: I will be offering a place to go for family gatherings, weddings, business events, community events. All events where people want to gather together and share life. To share food and time together.

Cook & Crafts: I will be offering fun classes to all different ages. From wood working, to painting, making household décor and more. The best presents I have ever received are handmade, this makes them so special and brings them to life. What a fun thing to be able to bring to our community.

Meals: If you have been following me, you know I have a family! I am a Mama hence, why I am called Mamasheena. Family is my passion and putting good food for them on the table, even when life is crazy is how I show my love. This is what I want to bring to you. A chance to pick up MEALS daily. Home cooked family meals that are ready for you to either throw in your oven, or maybe have a few steps to prepare. Something your family will enjoy! Something that will bring your family together, even for just 15 minutes that day to say “YUM”, have conversation and make memories.

So, what’s the number? What number was just thrown at me?? 25,000 dollars. WOW, Yes I know it’s a lot. But I know that I will make it happen. I do have some other options and avenues I am working on to close this gap. But I figured it can’t hurt to ask right?? Not when,

This is my passion. This is my vision! This is MY dream.

So here I am asking you to help me make that dream come true. Help me take these plans and make them come to life in our community. For all of us, for your family!

Thank you for reading and taking your time to support me. If you have been following me and rooting me on over the past few years, or if your new, Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback. Thank you for sharing in my passion with me. If donating 5 dollars is all that you can do know that I am beyond grateful for any help with making this come true. If money isn’t an option, just your continued support and hitting that share button is all I ask.

If you are able to give just click the link:

Thanks again,


Fresh & Fancy

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