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Well you made it to my “Blog/Web Site” but, lets just start by saying I am not a “Blogger”. I actually hate to sit at a computer and type things up and proof read and do all that jazz. So what you see “errors” and all is what you get. Not promising correct spelling or grammer but you will get what you need to make amazing food I will promise you that!

I am now catering small and large groups either buffet style and sit down dinners. So make sure you check out my catering tab for any of your event needs. I also will be offering lunches and take and bake or freezer meal options! Another option I will be doing for “foodies” like myself is Cooking classes once a month. They will have themes and I will post what we will be doing that month along with link for tickets! So stay tuned to what I have coming up!

I love to cook, and create new food and share with others. You will find amazing family secrets that I share in here along with tips, tricks and how to’s! I love to interact with people so send me your info. Leave me some feedback and just have fun with me. Ask me questions and hey, share your tips, tricks and ideas with me! Thanks for stopping in!

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